Salming Q2 Tourlite Robin Nilsberth EDT (2017-18)

Salming Q2 Tourlite Robin Nilsberth EDT (2017-18)
Salming Q2 Tourlite Robin Nilsberth EDT (2017-18)
Brand: Salming
Product Code: 1107166
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  • Flex: 25
  • Material: 100% Carbon
  • Grip: Ultimate Grip
  • Weight: 229 g (100 cm)
  • Color: GunMetal/Yellow
  • Blade: Q2
  • Blade material: Endurance™
  • Shaft length: 100 cm, 103 cm
  • Stick length: 111 cm, 114 cm
  • SKU: 1107166

We use only the very best lightweight carbon fiber material with a unique layup construction to create our durable TourLite™ shaft. A reliable favorite shaft used among many of our Pro players around the world, among them Robin Nilsberth, Swedish National Team. Powered with the Q2 blade in Endurance™ material.

Tech spotlight

Xshaft™ - The X-shaft design is slimmer than the regular curved shafts and it has a refined slimmer KickZone area. The X-shaft KickZone has an extreme whip effect with an amazing shooting accuracy.


KickZone™ - is developed to provide an increased whip-effect meaning that the shaft when bent is kicking back faster and thereby hitting the ball with greater power creating increased ball speed.


Characteristics: Exceptional durability, low friction and fantastic playing characteristics. This is the standard material used on most Salming sticks. Please Note! Heat blade prior to assembly and hooking - use warm water or heating gun.

Q2 Base Frame Stabilzer BFS™

By optimizing the heel and base frame area we achive a rock solid blade construction with great torsional stiffness - enabling harder shots.

Q2 Single Cavity Plus™

One single horizontal cavity along
The entire blade area.

Q2 Increased Ball Control

Deeper vertical cavity creating an enhanced ball control and thereby - more power.

Q2 Toe Drag Design TDD™

Making it easier for you to pull the ball towards you and thereby increasing ball control.



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