Oxdog Ultimatelight HES 27 (2022-23)


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Ultimatelight HES 27

Extremely light HES shaft.

Hyperfast shaft reaction never seen before in this weight level due to our new HP2700 High Pressure carbon which is also visual on the shaft.

One of the lightest sticks in the world all equipped with the FSL (FastShootLight) MBC2 blade which has a very unique double carbon and the new Copper color.

Available models:

Ultimatelight HES 27 CO 101cm Round MBC2
Ultimatelight HES 27 CO 96cm Round MBC2

FSL (FastShootLight) is a very light shooting blade with a great ball touch. Unique Double Carbon (MBC2) for maximum lightness vs stiffness. Upper carbon piece is adapted for even better torsion stiffness. Maximum lightness with the best features of Avox and OptiLight blades. Great for shooting. Big 9,5 mm concavity for very nice feeling and good ball touch.

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