Unihoc Unilite Carbskin Slim Titan 26 (23/24)


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Our immensely popular CARBSKIN® models are the leading lightweight sticks on the market. By using the thinnest possible layers of woven carbon fiber in a completely new layup structure we have been able to reduce the weight at the same time as we have created shafts with a more stable and consistent construction throughout the entire shaft. This dramatically improves the performance and the balance of the shafts. Now we are also launching CARBSKIN SLIM, which has a shaft with a thinner grip profile for players who prefer a thinner grip.

Weight: 176 g (96 cm)
Shaft: 100% CARBSKIN® carbon fiber
Flex: 26 Grip: CARBSKIN®
Blade: UNILITE white TITAN PP hard

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 121 × 25 × 6 cm
Shaft Length

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Blade Side



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