Salming Goalie Jersey SR (2023-24)


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Salming Goalie Jersey SR

The Salming Goalie Jersey SR is the perfect jersey for floorball goalies. Made from 100% polyester, this jersey offers both comfort and functionality. The breathable mesh at the armpits and back provides increased air circulation and keeps you cool during intense matches. The jersey features a sublimated Salming logo on the front and on the forearms for a stylish look. The black Salming patch at the bottom of the right front gives an extra stylish touch. Another advantage of the Salming Goalie Jersey is the generous surface area that allows for the printing of club logos and personalized details. You can proudly display your team or your own identity on the jersey. With the higher collar at the front, you also get improved neck protection to protect you from possible injuries.

+ Made of 100% polyester for comfort and durability.

+ Breathable mesh under the armpits and back for increased airflow.

+ Sublimated Salming logo on the front and forearms.

+ Black Salming patch at the bottom of the right front.

+ Generous surface for printing club logos and personal details.

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