Salming Goalie Pants SR (2023-24)


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Salming Goalie Pants SR

The Salming Goalie Pant SR is a goalkeeper pant specifically designed for floorball goalkeepers. These pants feature pre-shaped knees reinforced with durable nylon fabric for increased durability and protection. They have a 2-part waist construction that allows you to adjust and tighten the pants using Velcro straps and a buckle belt. This ensures a perfect fit and keeps the pants securely in place throughout the game. For optimal freedom of movement and maximum comfort, the groin area is made of stretchy and breathable mesh material. The Salming Goalie Pant SR also includes ventilating mesh panels in the knee areas for enhanced breathability and comfort. Additionally, there is a zipper at the back of the leg cuffs for easy on and off. Another advantage of these goalkeeper pants is the removable padding at the back. This allows you to customize the level of protection according to your needs and preferences. With the Salming Goalie Pant SR, you can rely on a reliable and functional goalkeeper pants that provides optimal protection, comfort, and flexibility to perform at your best during games.

+ Pre-shaped knees reinforced with durable nylon fabric.

+ 2-part waist construction for adjustable and secure fit.

+ Stretchy and breathable mesh material in the groin area for freedom of movement and comfort.

+ Ventilating mesh panels in the knee areas for enhanced breathability.

+ Removable padding at the back for customizable protection.

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